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"Della's Bring Back the Joy retreat was one of the most beautiful and restorative trips of my life. It was relaxing, thought-provoking, and inspiring to say the least. Della is a gifted yoga teacher who provides a beautiful, caring environment full of warmth and laughter. I cannot recommend Della or her retreat too highly." - Elise G., NYC

"Della, your 'Bring Back the Joy' retreat in Costa Rica was everything I imagined...and then some. The richness of the country's beauty, combined with your thoughtful and nourishing schedule of yoga, meditation and activities was a perfect balance. Thank you for creating such a meaningful experience for our sangha." - Suzanne H., NH

"My experience with the yoga retreat left me refreshed and gave me space to reflect what was blocking my joy. And my joy was uncovered! The space created allowed me to contemplate the ordinary and the uniqueness of my life just as it is. It was of great value to me on a personal level." - Christopher, Brooklyn, NY

"I have found myself going to Della during events of change, when I have to make challenging decisions, or when I need words of direction in understanding my career path.   At all times, Della offers me support and encouragement so that I can move forward in the best way - for me.   She often asks me questions that help me be introspective to discover the answer. " -Suzy K., London

"Della's ability to guide without judgement or attachment make conversations meaningful and productive.  She gives me the tools to tackle my problems as a stronger version of myself.  The goals that we set have become greater than the road blocks that kept me from achieving them." -Claire B., Australia

"Words I would use to describe Della: compassionate, considerate, thoughtful, inquisitive, creative, brilliant, articulate, wise, confident, strong.  She is simply a beautiful person ~ in body and spirit!" -Deb B., Virginia



"Della provides depth and vision to the changes I am experiencing. Her insight, understanding and trusting nature encourage me to evolve my life in positive ways." -Malcolm B., Boston



"Della is one of the most in demand people I know, but she is always accessible and never fails to be an engaged listener.  She has a true gift for knowing when and how to ask pertinent and incisive questions that have helped me discover my own truth with regard to my personal and professional development.  A fountain of inspiration, Della has also empowered me to take on new challenges and adapt to change, drawing upon her wealth of experience. Della is energetic, sincere, and upbeat personality is deeply affecting and highly contagious, and engaging with her has transformed the way I connect with the people around me." -Yi H., California



"My life changed so rapidly in the last year that I didn't really know which way was up.  I had been reactive all of my life, living in the past and the future, but never in the present. Then, I met Della. Wanting to rid myself of anger, judgments, grudges, unhappiness, fear & anger, I spoke with Della at great length about extreme life issues- disease, leaving the work force, divorce, and internal anger I had carried my entire life. Della's guidance was calming allowed me to consider other ways of living.  With her counsel and observation, I have become an entirely different person: happy, content, full of joy and life, full of love for the world." -Ken B.,  New York, Paris, Chiang Mai


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