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Transition Coaching


Guiding you through life's transitions



In many ways, life coaching is a relatively new profession that blends the best concepts from business, psychology, philosophy, sports and spirituality.


Although it combines skills from other disciplines, it is a distinct process in which I support my clients to create a fulfilling life. I work with my clients on a variety of topics, including: 






I am your advocate, sounding board, cheerleader, accountability partner, truth-teller, and supporter. 


Life coaching involves a dialogue with the aim of helping you clarify your values and objectives. With your input we will co-create value based goals, objectives and a plan to achieve them.


New Baby | Empty Nest | ​Career Exploration

Significant Loss | ​Divorce​​​ | Midlife Change

Relocation | Illness or Injury | Retirement | Job Loss |



My Philosophy

​​The current change in your life seems overwhelming. It may even seem like "the end." Yet, how we recognize endings is key to how we can begin anew! 

Change is the event, but Transition is the process.  How can you make the best of this time of reorientation? 

​With the help of a Transition Coach, you can turn your change into the best thing that ever happened to you!  I am excited to be your personal guide, advocate, sounding board, accountability partner and confidante.  My job is to provide support: to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that you already have so you can transition through your change and to come out the other side a healthier and happier you.​​​

Coaching is not therapy, counseling or psychology.  It is a dialogue with the aim of helping you obtain a fulfilling life.  It is goal and action oriented.  I will help you establish what is important to you and clarify your values so we can create goals and a plan for you to achieve them.

What does your new beginning look like?  Let's find out!​





Every change begins with an ending.


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